Intellectual Property’

Time to register copyrights

Although, technically speaking, under US law you do not have to register a copyright (copyright exists for the author once they start to create an original work), it is always a good idea to register the Copyright at the US Copyright Office. This provides an additional layer of protection if other individuals attempt to copy, plagiarize or otherwise emulate your work.
I have downloaded a presentation from this section of the government web site and i will be working on the submission for several of my projects in the next few days.

Intellectual property misuse – embedded images

Eddie Mitchell, a UK freelance journalist and UAS operator, is not afraid to engage in litigation against people who abuse their powers. Last year, he won compensation from Surrey UK police after they improperly arrested him for flying his news-gathering drone near an incident.
He has filed a complaint against Sky News after they embedded an image online on their web site. The image was of a fire that he reported on, and the image had been cleared by him for use in a Tweet by the firefighter’s organization. However, Sky News pulled the entire image off the tweet onto its website. When informed by Mitchell that they were misappropriating his intellectual property, they eventually removed the tweet.
Personally, I am skeptical that Mitchell can win any significant money for this. However, a ruling that Sky did violate his IP would be a good precedent to set. Abuse of IP, over and above Fair Use, continues to be an issue.