Scrivener limitations

As I work through the Compile process in Scrivener for a secret book project that I cannot talk about (think: If I tell you, I will have to shoot you), I am starting to realize that the Windows version of Scrivener has some distinct limitations compared to the Mac version.
The limitation that I hit yesterday in the Compile phase, which is bugging the hell out of me, because the workaround is so klunky, is the inability to use the $IMG tag system to embed images in chapter titles. I wanted to use a standard outline JPG file for the Suffix section of the Title, but, try as I might, the Windows version will not process the tag or recognize it. I tried putting the image in various places in the Binder, thinking that the software only processes the tag if the image is in a specific folder, but that does not change the behavior. It seems that Windows Scrivener does not process these kinds of tags, period.
I am now wondering if this is fixed in Version 3 of Scrivener, which is in development. In the meantime, I am trying to work around the limitation by embedding the image file in each chapter file. This is not ideal for all sorts of reasons, but it may be the only workaround to the limitation in the short-term.

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