Monthly Archive: January 2017

Writing Retreat Results

Mia Moore and myself spent the weekend in Oklahoma at a lakeside house working on our respective publishing efforts.
U cranked out 8000 words for Corporate Realist and also did some organizing on other book projects.
Ms Moore assembled 16000 words for her first book of her Flying Commando series. A lot of it was pre-existing content but she got up on the wave and carried on and on.
We are now planning a second book writing weekend on the Texas Gulf Coast for February. In the meantime I am working on marketing and sales preparation for Corporate Realist.

Writing Retreat itinerary

Thanks to a group of Russian hackers, the draft itinerary for the Writing Retreat has been uncovered and leaked on the Dark Web:

18:30 Carrollton Pick up Mia Moore
19:30 TBD Dinner en route
22:15 The House Arrive at house
22:30 The House Scrivener overview
23:30 The House Bed Time

7:00 The Lake Run, cold showers, beatings
8:00 The House Breakfast
9:00 The House Objectives and Plan discussion
9:30 The House Writing Session 1
12:30 The House Lunch
13:00 The House Writing Session 2
17:00 The House Walk time
18:00 The House Dinner
19:00 The House Writing Session 3
22:00 The House End of Day Review
23:30 The House Bed Time

7:00 The Woods Prayers, floggings
8:00 The House Breakfast
9:00 The House Writng Session 4
12:30 The House Lunch
13:00 The House Writing Session 5
16:30 The House End of Day Review
18:00 The House Departure
19:30 TBD Dinner
20:30 Carrollton Drop off Mia Moore

Writing Retreats in 2017

After trying without much success to complete the first Corporate Realist book in calendar 2017, I came to the conclusion that I need a different writing space where I can work uninterrupted and focus.
So, for 2017, I am planning writing retreats at our friends’ lake shore house in Lake Raymond Gary in Oklahoma.
Our friend Mia Moore, also a writer with the same challenges, will be joining me. We plan to spend an entire weekend jump-starting our writing in January. My target is another 10000 words for Corporate Realist, and the completion of storyboarding for another book project.