Monthly Archive: July 2016

Little progress due to work work

Not much to report the last 2 weeks, due to work pressures. I did some tidying up and added more chapters and vignettes to be fleshed out. I use SimpleNote to capture small thoughts and ideas and then transfer them into Scrivener.

This works well, since I am a multi-directional thinker and I tend to have sudden bursts of inspiration while sitting somewhere. Those go into SimpleNote for later action.

Off and running – 22,000 draft words

As I was spending time at a rural retreat in OK this 4th July weekend, I used it to work out how much of a book I could draft up and crank out over that long weekend.

During that weekend I wrote 18000 words, which took me from 4000+ to 22600 words drafted. I did my best to suspend any in-flight judgement, which is one of my challenges when writing. In other words, other than typos, I did not edit myself as I was writing. This will probably lead to editing and polishing, but hopefully I will be able to identify which are the good bits that need further work, and which sections are not worth further work.

Right now, I look to have enough material, based on estimates so far, for at least 2 books. There is a bigger issue about how to package the material that I need to work on in parallel with the actual writing.